Teen Party Ideas

June 9, 2009 by admin  
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This can be held at home or you can have your teen meet up with friends at the theater. For at home parties, you will need lots of popcorn and popcorn bags. If serving dinner, we like to keep it simple…order up pizza or if you are feeling like a true Sharp Mom, buy ingredients to have the party guests make pizzas to cook up and eat at the party. Let your child choose the featured presentation. Sharp Mom’s thinks this theme is a great party idea for sleep over events. In that case watch one-or a ton-of movies!


Swimming parties are always fun for middle and high school age children. If you don’t have a pool, check about reserving your neighborhood clubhouse or the local community¬† or county club pool. Most places will lease their pools out for the day for a minimal fee. Sharp Mom’s likes a laua theme for this party with vibrant colors and a lot of beach balls!


This party is geared more for the sweet 16 girl in your life. She can invite a small group of close friends to meet up at her favorite restaurant and enjoy an evening of good food and gossip!


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