Toddler/Schoolage Birthday Party Ideas

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If you have the space or a park near by, this is a wonderful party idea. Invite your guests to bring their trike and join the fun! For the color scheme go wild with lots of bright colors. Decorate with balloons and streamers. Cupcakes or a cake decorated with colorful sprinkles and icing with be a big hit. And don’t forget the main event: A trike-a-thon race between your little one and all their friends! This is sure to be the highlight of the party for the kids attending. Don’t forget to have treats on hand for the winners. You can race as many times as your little one desires and the party can be spent outside riding trikes after you open presents and eat cake.


Arrrrrr! This party is sure to be a favorite. While it is geared more for the little boy in your life, girls make good pirates too! For this party, Sharp Mom’s like a black, brown, red, and yellow color scheme. Those are some really good base colors to work with. A ship? A pirate face? A map? Talk to your local baker about these ideas as cakes for your party. We like what Sharp Mom Lacy from Indiana did: a treasure hunt for all her pirates attending the party. For little ones, you can read the clues aloud and help them find the hidden treasure chest (filled with enough treats to satisfy all the party guests!). Older children can read the clues together or on their own and find the hidden treasure. Sharp Mom’s also likes the idea of a pinata for this party. Treasures are hidden in those too, right?


Yum, yum. Get ready for loads of sugar and lots of fun! You will need to load up on all kinds of candies–m&m’s, twizzlers, gummies and large swirly lollipops, just to name a few. You can use different sized jars or bowls as candy dispensers. Finger foods and a colorful cake with ice cream on the side will make this party even sweeter. For fun, party guests can play Candyland the game or even better, you can make a life-size candyland out of colored construction paper. If an at home candy party is a little too much for you, check your area for venues. There are many places that offer parties that are geared towards candy and a sweet time!


Dust off your crown… This party will be your little girl’s dream! Enjoy an enchanted afternoon with your little girl and all her friends! Invite the party guests to wear their favorite princess attire and join your little princess for a party they will never forget! Let your little girl and her guests play their hearts away while you serve up sweet treats and “tea”. There are endless ideas for a cake design from a castle, to a princess, crown, or frog. We like pink, purple, and green as the color scheme. We also like the idea of a little game of pin the crown on the princess.


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