Egg Carton Caterpillar Craft

April 6, 2010 by admin  
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This is a super easy spring craft that is great for school age children ages 4-8. Best of all, the end result is cute caterpillar!


What you’ll need:

cardboard egg carton


green craft paint

6 small yellow pom-poms

pipe cleaners

2 small green pom-poms

2 stick on eyes


With an adult’s help, remove the lid of the egg carton and cut the bottom in half. Trim away excess. Paint the egg carton green and let it dry completely. Glue small yellow pom-poms to the top of each of the six egg cups. Cut two 2-inch strips from the pipe cleaner. Glue the pipe cleaner pieces to the top of the first egg cup to create the antennae. Glue the 2 small pom-poms on the front of the egg cup for the eyes. Finally, glue the eyeballs to the green pom-poms.


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