Toddler and Schoolage Birthday Party Ideas: UPDATED

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Guess what Moms? Our party idea list has been expanded! Check out a few of our newest ideas for great kid birthday parties. Don’t worry all of our original ideas can be found here.

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movie inviteIf you love the movie classic Annie, this party is perfect you! First pick movie themed invitations. A lot of party stores are carrying these now so they are easy to find. Be sure to tell the guests in the invite to dress the part as an orphan. This does not require buying anything new, just get creative! Suggest wearing button-down shirts, cardigans over a sundress, boots, and do a little “dirty” makeup to make your guest extra scruffy. You’ll want your little darling to be the star, Annie, so save that part or her. Serve popcorn in classic containers (also available at many party supply stores) and have a showing of Annie playing for your guests. The kids will have fun dancing to the songs, especially “A Hard Knock Life”. Serve cake and juice boxes, open presents, and your classic Annie party is complete!


What child, especially toddlers, doesn’t love animals? A day with their friends at the zoo would be a perfect way to spend a birthday. Many zoos offer birthday party packages that include cake, drinks, and zoo passes for you and your guests. This idea is a little pricey but, if you can afford it, it makes for a very memorable party. But, what if you want to do the zoo boxzoo on a budget? This is a great theme for an at home party too (or even a party that can be held a local park). To plan a zoo party at home, get crafty. Create a game of “pin the nose on the lion” and provide bowls of peanuts in the shell for guests to snack on. Fill cute treat bags or boxes with zoo themed favors. We love, love, love the treat box we have pictured (find it at For added fun, send your little explorers on a safari hunt. This can be done through a scavenger hunt (don’t forget to let the adults help if it’s a toddler party). The objective can be to find the lost tiger, lion, etc. and the winner will get to keep their new stuffed animal treasure! Facepaint tiger whiskers on the girls and zebra stripes on the boys. If the neat freak in you doesn’t like the mess of facepainting, check party stores for animal masks that the guests can color on their own. The party animals will all love getting wild with your little one at this party!


Is your little one an aspiring gymnastics star? A party at your local gymnastics studio is a great way to celebrate another milestone. It is good gender neutral them and good way for all your party guests to get their wiggles out. Thisgym. party is super easy to plan because there is minimal planning involved. Find some cute invitations (lots of variations are offered at many paper product vendors online) and then let your guests have fun tumbling around. After they’ve all had their fill of jumping and tumbling, open presents, and eat cake with your guests. For favors keep it simple. We love the idea of making ribbon dancers for guests. Just hit up your local craft store for 12″ wooden sticks and colorul ribbon. Cut the ribbon into 3 ft. long pieces and hot glue one end to the top of the wooden stick-VOILA! Instant ribbon dancer! We love this party idea because it is great for a boy or girl! Who wouldn’t love to rough and tumble with their friends for their birthday?!


This delicious idea is a wonderful party theme for spring and summer parties. We think it’s most ideal for ages 3-7. You can host it at home or once again take it to your local park and keep the mess out of your house. You can buy invitaions, but if you want to be thrifty, search clip art through your word processing program and print out an ice icecreamcream cone with one or two scoops on top. You can type your details on top of the scoops before you print. We like “I scream, you scream, {Child’s name here} scream’s for ice cream!”. For party favors buy cone shaped party hats and cover them in brown paper. Use pink blown up balloons for girls and white blown up balloons for boys. Turn the party hats upside down to make a cone and place your balloon scoop on top (keep in place with tape). Write party guests names on the cone. The kids are sure to love their own personal “ice cream cone”. Don’t forget to give the guest of honor extra scoops (3 scoops for 3rd birthday and so on).  For fun, have an ice cream relay. Three teams will compete: chocolate, vanilla, and strawberry. You can pair up the kids and let a few compete at a time. The winners can go make their sundaes/cones first. Have an ice cream station set up on a table and be sure to include bowls filled with all the toppings-sprinkles, M&M’s, nuts, syrups, etc. Wind down the guests with a story that goes along with the theme. We like Curious George Goes to the Ice Cream Shop!


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