Planning a Picture Perfect Baby Shower

June 3, 2010 by admin  
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Welcome to Baby Showers 101! If you think baby showers have to be planned around tacky party games like guess the poop, then think again! There is absolutely nothing wrong with games at a shower or event, but many soon-to-be-moms and their hosts are taking a more sophisticated and fun approach to planning baby showers and leaving the games behind. Showers these days let the mommy-to-be spend more time socializing and, of course, include many presents to shower mom and baby as the main focus of the party. Here are a few ideas and planning tips we have to help you throw a great baby shower!

1. Have a “Baby-que”~This low key backyard bbq is a great idea for a couples shower. Throw on some hamburgers and hotdogs, throw some bottled beverages into a galvanized party tub, make some virgin daiquiris for the expectant mom. Throw on your favorite tunes, hang up some party laterns or string some lights, and have some fun. This is a more low key kind of party, but a guaranteed good time and a great way to include men at the event.

2. Talk it up~Be sure to ask the mom-to-be about a guest list. If she is having more than one shower you may be planning for a small gathering vs. a larger one if your shower will be her only one.

3. Choose great invitations~Part of party planning fun is choosing a great invitation. If you are crafty, you can make invitations with scrapbook supplies. Other hosts will opt to order invitations in bulk. We love printed invites for guests because they give a nice clean look. Don’t forget to include all the details and a map/address to the event. Do some research online. We’ve found some of the best deals are online and not a your local shops. Order invitations 8 weeks in advance and be sure to send them out no later than 6-4 weeks in advance.

4. Plan the party schedule~Most showers will only last 1.5-2 hours so keeping time is important. As the host, greet guests as they arrive and allow 30-45 minutes for mingling and eating. At about 30-45 minutes into the party, cut the cake with the mother to be (or serve cupcakes, depending on what you choose). Then delve into the presents. If you have alot of guests this part could take up to 30 minutes or more. After presents are opened, usually there is more time for socializing and eating. Be sure to help the mommy get all her loot to the car before she leaves.

5. Decorating~Rather than picking a theme, we suggest choosing a few colors to work around. For boys we like brown/baby blue, brown/blue/mint green/orange/white, or red/yellow/blue/green. For girls we think pinks, greens and yellows are a good fit. You can always add jungle animals as a center piece or cake topper for a litte more fun, but finding paper products to coordinate with a color scheme will be easier to find. You can always jazz things up a bit with stripes, dots, paper lanters, pictures of the mommy-to-be, etc.


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