Get Back to Nature with These Crafts Inspired by the Outdoors

August 25, 2010 by admin  
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The weather outside is cooling down, it’s back to school time, and that means one thing: Autumn is approaching! This is a wonderful time of year to get outdoors with your family. While you’re out playing and exploring, you can pick a few things mother nature has to offer and use them for crafts later on. Not sure what to make? Read up on our craft ideas.

Pinecone Birds

We’ve all heard of making pinecone bird feeders (which is still a great little craft), but what about a pinecone bird? It is so simple and the kids will love displaying them or playing with them when they are complete. You’ll need pine cone birdsorange pipe cleaner for feet, orange and brown felt for the wings and beak, wiggly eyes, small pom-poms, and a glue gun or craft glue.

To make the bird, glue the wiggly eyes onto the pom-poms and glue them onto the top of the cone. Then cut a small triangle out of the orange felt. Cut two trianlges our of the brown felt for wings and bend the pipe cleaner to make two feet and wedge into the cone. Let all glue dry before your children use them for forest fun!

Pumpkin Seed Art

Besides roasting the seeds, do you ever wonder what you can do with all those pumpkin seeds you’ve scooped out 9.02.04_Pumpkin_Seed_Artafter all the carving is done? Seed art is a great way to have some fun and use those seeds wisely. Wash all the seeds and let them dry out completely. Then using green, orange and black paint, let your children color and then glue the seeds onto paper to make a seed pumpkin. You can also use other paint colors and use your imagination to create other things too-an apple tree, tractor, flowers…the possibilities are endless!

Shell Creatures

It may be too cool to head to the beach, but if you traveled to the beach over the summershell creatures and picked shells you have all you need for our next craft idea. Use shells and wiggly eyes to create shell creations. Your child can use their imagination and think outside the box, creating any kind of creature of the shells. Use craft glue or assist with a glue gun to help your child make these cute creatures.

rock paintingRock Painting

Kids seem to love rocks and even start their own rock collections. Jazz up some of those boring stones with a  little paint. All of a sudden the rocks become wonderful works of art and can even become an added decoration to mommy’s garden or potted plants or a new desk paper weight for dad’s office. There so easy to make: paint, let dry, and enjoy!


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