What We Love Right Now October 27, 2010: Blu Ray Savings!

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This may not be for every mom, especially moms of older children or boys, but Beauty and the Beast as well as Tinkerbell are available in stores now and there are coupons you can print from the Disney Rewards Site.

bellePhoto Courtsey of Disney

The coupons are good for the Blu Ray Combo Packs. There is a $10 coupon for Beauty and the Beast-making it only $14.99 (if purchased at Wal-Mart, regular price $24.99). This would be a great Christmas gift for your daughter, granddaughter, or niece. It would even be a good birthday gift for little pals! It’s What We Love Right Now!

To get your fabulous coupon, CLICK HERE

Recall Alert: Graco Stroller Recall

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Graco has issued a stroller recall on many Quattro Tour and Metrolite Strollers.


According to the recall posted on Graco’s site, “Entrapment and strangulation can occur, especially to infants younger than 12 months of age, when a child is not harnessed. An infant can pass through the opening between the stroller tray and seat bottom, but his/her head and neck can become entrapped by the tray.  Infants who become entrapped at the neck are at risk of strangulation.”

The models affected are as follows:

35735, 35759, 7111ASB, 7111BKW, 7111CLN, 7111CUN, 7111DIA, 7111HEA, 7111HIG, 7111LAG, 7111KSH, 7112CNP, 7112MTR, 7113CJR, 7113CMR, 7113COT, 7119GGG, 7119WSR, 7121MAY, 7125QST, 7126RNS, 7127LEG, 7132RXY, 7134SMB, 7138RNS, 35760, 7411ATR, 7411BGN, 7411BGN2, 7411BLB, 7411KBK, 7411KBK2, 7411LV, 7411MCH, 7411MCH2, 7411MLY, 7411MLY2, 7419LIM, 7419LIM2, 7419OWD2, 7B00BDA, 7B00DRB, 7B00KAS, 7B01MNS, 7B03CST2, 7B03LTC2, 7B03TFE2, 1104, 1240, 6110DW, 6110F3, 6110S7, 6110TS7, 6111FKB, 6111VIN, 6113SCR, 6114HAV, 6114JAM, 6114LAG, 6114NGS, 6116NRF, 6120SHL, 6121CJG, 6121CNP, 6121GGG, 6121MTR, 6123EME, 6124LRD, 6125SMB, 6J01DAI, 6J01HRL, 6J03RIT, 6J04JEN, 6J05MIN, 1070, 7000KSB, 7308DEL, 7308DEL2, 7308DEL4, 7308TYR, 7308TYR2, 7406PLT, 7408MRT, 7409GRG, 7410CON, 7413CML, 7413MRN, C7413CML

To recieve your repair kit contact Graco toll-free at (877) 828-4046 anytime.

What We Love Right Now October 20, 2010: Breast Cancer Awareness

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October is National Breast Cancer Awareness Month and if you’ve been following our facebook fan page you know that I have been “thinking pink” and posting pictures of businesses that are supporting this cause. Many moons ago I joined a wonderful sorority and its philanthropy was and still is spreading the word of breast cancer awareness. This is when fighting this disease really began to hold a special place in my heart.

Looking back now as I am older and wiser I realize even more how important early detection is-it can save lives! From celebrities like Christina Applegate, to your mom, aunt, sister, or grandmother, breast cancer can affect everyone from the young to the old. It knows no limits and does not discriminate based on age. Women in their 20s are finding they have breast cancer {very scary}.

Here are a few tips for early detection:

Of course, if you are of age, you should be getting your yearly mammogram. This is usually around the age of 40, but might be recommended at an earlier age if you have a history of breast cancer in your family.

Beginning in your 20s and 30s your OB will probably do a clinical breast exam at your yearly appointment.

And as early as in your 20s you should be doing a self breast exam about once a month. Doing one on a regular basis will help you better recognize when and if you feel an abnormal lump.

As years have passed more and more ways to help support breast cancer research have become available. One of the biggies is participating in your local Race for the Cure. In college our sorority participated every year, running the race and helping the survivors tent. Races have been taking place all month long, but there are still two weekends left in October. To get more information on Race for the Cure please visit www.komen.org.

Now many retailers also donate a portion of your purchase to breast cancer research. These are a few of our favorite pink products for the cure:

Vera Bradley

Every season Vera Bradley designs a few great patterns donning pink in some form or fashion. Anytime you purchase a product in the pattern 10% of the net purchase goes to breast cancer research. For more info visit Vera Bradley.

Photo Courtesy of Vera Bradley

Photo Courtesy of Vera Bradley

Boob Lube

Save the Ta-Tas has come up with some great lotions called “Boob Lube”. A portion of every sale goes to breast cancer research and awareness.

Photo Courtesy of Save the Ta-Tas
Photo Courtesy of Save the Ta-Tas


The beauty store has five exclusive pink items and a dollar from each item sold will be donated to The Breast Cancer Research Foundation: the $8 Pop Up Hair Brush, $15 Pink Color-to-Go Palette, $16 Pink Eyelash Curler, $18 Compact Mirror and $60 Brush Set. sephora.com

Too Cute!


Kitchen-Aid has been Cooking for the Cure for a few years  now. Their pink appliances and kitchen tools are so adorable. We say turn your kitchen pink! You can get these Kitchen-Aid products and more at your local Kohls.


FREE Baby Sling from Seven Slings

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If you are in need of a sling for your baby or a super cute baby gift, these slings from Seven Slings are a GREAT DEAL!

By using the promo code “babies” you’ll get 100% off any sling (you are responsible for shipping costs). This promotion gives you 1 baby sling for $0 + S&H or 1 gift set for $5 + S&H! This promotion code is valid once per transaction, so you can order as many times as you would like! We think this is a great deal!

You might remember the huge sling recall that took place earlier this year. These slings are not the same kind of slings that were recalled. They almost have a wrap kind of look. They are pouch slings (vs. bag slings that were recalled) that allow your baby to sit upright so their head is fully exposed.

There are a variety of patterns to choose from. The one we liked best was Black Magic.

black magic

Happy shopping at Sevenslings.com-for yourself or someone who is expecting!

What We Love Right Now: October 13, 2010: Spook-tacular Halloween Parties Ideas

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Having a fun and spooky little party for Halloween is a great way to celebrate the day. Enjoy a gathering with just your kiddos or invite a few friends. We have a  few ideas to get you started so every little goblin will have a boo-tiful time at your party!

1) Party Invitations

If you plan on inviting friends of the family to your party you’ll want to send a cute invitation with all the details. Here are a few of our top picks:

charlie brown

Super cute invitation featuring some of your favorite Peanut characters, available at Hallmark.


Don’t forget to bob for apples! This invitation is very festive (and great for a fall birthday party too!), polkadotparty.com.

invitationbox This card is very halloween-y! Available at invitationbox.com.

2)Favors and Decorations

Blacks, purples, and oranges are of course the classic colors for Halloween decorating. Get creative and let your kids help you make decorations with some tagboard, construction paper, glitter glue and other craft supplies. One of our favorite online party suppliers is birthdayinabox.com. They really have some of the cutest partyware, favors, and decorations. All of the following items are available from their site. For these and more visit birthdayinabox.com.

Cutest Cat Straw Ever!

Cutest Cat Straw Ever!

Jack-O-Lantern Cup

Jack-O-Lantern Cup

A haunted gingerbread house makes a great centerpiece!

A haunted gingerbread house makes a great centerpiece!

3) Crafts and Games

If little ones will be at the party you’ll need a few things planned to entertain them. As a craft you can let them finger paint on some miniature puppets. Kids love to have their face painted and a pumpkin or ghost on a chubby cheek will be a welcomed added accessory. We also love these cute little bags that were featured in Country Living. A few brown paper bags, some decals and crayons and each child will have their own personal treat sack!


You can create a game of pin the nose on the jack-o-lantern with a posterboard and some black construction paper noses. Fill a jar with candy corn and let each child guess how many candies are in the jar. The winner with the closest estimate can get a small prize or a stamp on the hand and all the candy can be shared with the party guests. Play a round of pass the pumpkin (kind of like hot potato). Play some music and whoever has the pumpkin in their hand when the music stops sits out. The last child holding the pumpkin wins!

Last Minute Halloween Best Buys from Our Favorite Stores!

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Halloween is approaching quickly and it’s a great time to buy costumes or other seasonal items for a great price. If you’ve been waiting to find some things a reduced price, now is the time to buy!  We’ve been shopping and have found some great deals. Take a peek…

From Old Navy…Who doesn’t think these costumes are adorable? And the price? Even better-just $14.00-$15.00 (and available in a variety of sizes)!


At Gymboree it is hard to find a good deal sometimes, but they are running a great sale right now and their Halloween costumes are available at a reduced price.

For little girls we love this flapper costume, under $20.00.


Your little boy will be the cutest fighter on the scene is this firefighter outfit, under $20.00.


At CWDKids.com you can find some really cute outfits for every season.

We love this Halloween top for boys, on sale for $9.99.

cwd boys 9.99

The perfect accessory for any witch? A black witch’s hat for just $3.99!

cwd 3.99

We’re crazy over Crazy 8! Their prices are usually amazing and their quality is good too. Every little baby should be your little pumpkin and in this costume they can be! It is priced just right, $9.99.


Macy’s offers these absolutely precious sets for girls from Bonnie Jean Kids. They are on sale for $24.99 and would be cute for a day at the pumpkin patch or even a costume if you use your imagination!

Bonnie Jean Kids Set $24.99 Macys

Also from Macy’s is this pretty pink kitty cat costume from Carters, under $17.00.

Macys Carters 16.99

What We Love Right Now: October 6, 2010 Cute Halloween Costumes for Kids

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It’s getting closer to one of the biggest holidays with kids: Halloween! Some Moms have probably had a costume idea in mind for a few months, but others may still be searching for the perfect get-up. This week What We Love Right Now are cute Halloween costumes for kids!

For babies we love this Hotdog costume. It’s cute and easy to find, plus it’s good for both genders!


How cute is this? Your little boy can be a little Tom Cruise. All you need is a white shirt and cheap pair of black sunglasses-VOILA! Risky Business!


Grapes: It’s an easy, homemade costume- ‘nuf said.

medium_halloween grapes

These flower fairy costumes are all over the stores (or can be homemade) and are a super cute costume idea for sisters or a group of friends.


Some costume ideas for your perfect little pairs…

Super Mario Brothers




Other dynamic duos: Thing 1 and Thing 2, Mickey and Minnie, Monkey and Banana, Hotdog and Hamburger, or a Pirate and Parrot.