What We Love Right Now February 23, 2011: SharpMoms Top iPhone/iPad Apps for Moms

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We launched our list of kid friendly iPad apps a few weeks ago and we promised we wouldn’t keep you waiting on the best apps for moms too long! Here is our list of the BEST iPhone and iPad apps just for SharpMoms!


1. AllRecipes.com Dinner Spinner, for iPhone/iPad, (free!) All Recipes lets busy moms and dads choose their recipes before even getting home. Browsing the aisles at the grocery store? Stuck late at the office? Waiting in the pick up line at school? Choose recipes based on dish type, ingredient,  or “Ready In” Time to get an assortment of choices. Users will be presented with a recipe, ingredients, reviews, prep time and serving sizes. Voila! Best of all, this app is FREE! We love!

2. Babylog, for iPhone, ($4.99) New moms (or moms with many!) you’re gonna love this! This application let’s a mother (or father!) log any and all essentials for detailing a baby’s schedule. Keeping track of sleep cycles, feeding habits and diaper changes has never been so easy! Track throughout the day, transfer to email for easy spreadsheet capabilities and take your pediatrician for easy reporting!

3. Period Tracker Lite, for iPad, (free!), Everyone was making period jokes as soon as the iPad came on the market. So why not join in and start tracking your cycles with this free app. Track your period, ovulation cycle, PMS symptoms and more. Could come in handy if you are trying to conceive!

4. Citistroller, for iPhone/iPad ($0.99), This app makes Urban life a breeze! Make navigating large cities, AKA Boston, NYC, Chicago, and DC, with kids in tow simple. This app shows you where to find stroller-friendly public transportation, parks, diaper-changing stations, and more!

5. Facebook, for iPhone/iPad, (free!), You can’t put a price on staying connected, right? Keep in touch with friends, near and far, old and new, with the Facebook app.

6. Hipstamatic, for iPhone ($1.99), If you’re a picture taking mom, you’ll love this app. Make new pictures look old school again with this cool app and a swipe of your finger!

7. Scrabble, for iPhone/iPad, (free!), The iPad made Oprah’s Favorite Thing’s list last Christmas and so did the Scrabble App. This timeless board game turned touch game is free and compatible with the iPad and iPhone.

8. Yelp, for iPhone/iPad, (free!), This app is the perfect food-finding service. Find places to eat, shop, drink, or relax. Especially great if you are traveling!

9. NightStandHD, for iPad, ($2.00), If you’re like me, you still have your 1980’s Sony Dream Machine as a alarm clock (it’s ok-admit it). Step into the current times with a sleek alarm clock and use your iPad as your new wake up call! The NightStandHD app  has a handful of beautiful clocks both analog (looking) and digital.

10. Angry Birds, for iPhone/iPad, (free!), This SharpMom was a little late to the Angry Birds party, but truth be told even if you are not a big gamer you will want to download this game. It is free, fun, and if you get stuck there are tips for each level on You Tube. No Brainer Mammas, Angry Birds is an app must!

11. Amazon Kindle, for iPhone/iPad, (free!), Readers everywhere are buzzing about the Amazon Kindle and now it is available as an iPad  app too. With over 800,000 titles within your “touch”, this app allows you to take your reads with you anywhere you go. We love it!

What We Love Right Now February 16, 2011: Tricks of the Tray: Savvy Uses for the Ordinary Ice Cube Tray

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Your typical ice cube tray isn’t just for making ice anymore (no, really, you don’t even need to keep them in the back of your cabinet for when the ice maker goes out!). We’ve got a few great ideas for some nifty uses for these otherwise useless trays.

1. Organize Your Craft Supplies


The next time you start a project-yourself or with your own kids or even a playgroup-whip out one or two ice cube trays to keep things together. These little trays will come in super handy to hold little buttons, sequins, beads, and more!

2. Serve Up Some Snacks


Having a sleepover for your tween? Need to limit your preschoolers snack intake after Mother’s Day Out? Having a gathering of kids over? Again, bring out the trays and fill them with a variety of snacks from carrot sticks to M&M’s, Goldfish-you name it-and you’ve got perfectly proportioned snacks, so no one is over indulging.

3. Organize Your Work Space

office tray

These are super handy-dandy for your at home office desk drawer and great for organizing clips, pushpins, small post-it note pads, and more and shallow enough to slide into those slim, skinny drawers.

4. Juicy Fruit


Simply fill each spot with your favorite fruit juice and freeze. Then add a few cubes to your glass of water for an extra burst of flavor. Yum!

5. Puree!


If you have a little one, 6 months or older, puree their favorite foods, store in the trays, cover well, and freeze for later munching.

4-6 months = 2 cubes
6-9 months = 4 cubes
9-12 months= 6 cubes

6. I Scream, You Scream


Having a party? Maybe your child has a summer birthday or your next summer gathering will involve an ice scream station. Ice cube trays make a great topping sorter. Just add a spoon so everyone can dip out their favorite toppings!

idea #1 image source: homemade simple. idea #6 image source: real simple.

What We Love Right Now February 9, 2011: Ladies Night=Game Night

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Every Mom, working or not, needs a little break from the daily routine. SharpMoms thinks spending some time with girlfriends is a great way to unwind. Rather than meeting for the traditional dinner or drinks date with friends, try planning a monthly game night with your gal pals. This idea is fun, cheap, and a great way to spend time gossiping and catching up with your best girls. Not sure where to start? Here are some tips…

Game night should be stress-free and, more importantly, kid-free! Plan a simple menu of appetizers and drinks. If you are playing hostess you can ask each friend to bring an appetizer or a drink of choice- this makes the party planning even easier for you! Plan on getting a sitter for your kids and your friend’s kids as well. Maybe there is an older teenager in the group that can watch the younger children, or, better yet, coral the husbands into watching the kids!


Need some game ideas? Here are a few options:

  1. Bunco is always a great game choice. It’s mindless, easy to play, and fun.
  2. Relive your childhood with a night of Twister. Everyone will get a good laugh!
  3. Find your inner “man” and play a few rounds of poker.
  4. Who’s the best liar in the group? A good game of Bull Shit should help you figure it out! The object of the game is to discard all the cards from your hand.
  5. Stay traditional and play a round of Monopoly or LIFE.
  6. Apples to Apples is a great, fun game. It works best if you know at least a little about all the players. The object of the game is to guess which one player will choose from a list of options.

Chick-Fil-A Spicy Chicken Biscuit Groudhog Day Giveaway

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Today only Chick-Fil-A will be giving each customer one free spicy chicken biscuit, per customer, per visit between the hours of 6:30 am and 10:30 am. If you have a Chick-Fil-A in your area stop in for your free chicken biscuit!


*Participation may vary, so please call ahead to be sure your local restaurant is participating.

What We Love Right Now February 2, 2011: iPad Apps for Kids

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When the iPad came out it was a must have item for lots of folks. Then, the next question, if you had kids, was “What apps should we get for our kids?” There are tons of options. We’ve searched and searched and found some, of what we think, are the cutest and most fun iPad apps for kids. Sorry moms, we’ll cover what we think is fun for you in another post ;-) .

So, in no particular order…

1. The Monster at the End of This Book – Sesame Street As a child I loved the hard copy of this book. As kids, my kids love this book. They love using the iPad and will love having this on it.  I have downloaded a ton of books and this one is by far a favorite.

2. Ladybird Baby Touch: Peekaboo – Penguin Books This is probably geared more for the toddler in your house. From the makers of Ladybird Books.  This is a simple picture peek a boo app with soft sounds and simple pictures.  Your child can use it by touching the screen to get the pictures to change change or by just watching it like a movie.

3. Fun Cards: Personalized flash cards make learning time fun!

4. These are some Math Apps best for primary school age children:

My Underwear – Thumb Arcade [Universal

Intro to Math, by Montessorium – Montessorium, LLC. [Universal

Park Math HD – by Duck Duck Moose – Duck Duck Moose [iPhone\iTouch
$1.99] & Park Math HD [iPad

iTouchMath – KONSTRUCT LLC [iPhone\iTouch

Audio Slide A Math Learning Subtraction – WILLHALL SIAU [iPad

First Calculator – Talking Calculator for Kids – St. Madeleine Sophie School [Universal

Math Step123 – wxyzsoftware.com [iPhone\iTouch

Coin Math – Recession Apps [iPhone\iTouch

Kid Klok – Animated Speech Corporation [Universal

Telling Time HD – My Turn Mobile [iPad

5. Glow Draw! – Indigo Penguin Limited Alright, this is just an all around fun drawing app and will really help your child develop prewriting skills such as vertical and horizontal strokes as well as imitating simple shapes.

6. Alphabet Tracing – Oncilla Technologies Inc Great for refining fine motor skills, letter formation, and identifying letters.

7. Baby Sign Language for iPad! – EverydayASL.com Using Sign Language with your baby is a great way to communicate before they can use words. This app is all about using ASL with your little one.

8. Solar System for iPad This is set up in book format, but it’s kind of cool for the middle schooler looking to explore through pictures and interaction.

Do you have some iPad Apps downloaded that your kids love? Leave us a comment. We’d love for you to share some of your favorites with our readers!

Clearance Clothing at Company Kids

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It’s clearance time at Company Store Kids.

They’ve got super prices on Baby, Girls and Boys Clothing. I even caught swimwear 20% off, making it as low as $14.99. Gotta love those prices! But at prices like these I doubt these items will last long. Check out these super deals today!