Our Best Tips to Soothe a Crying Baby

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New moms, or not-so-new-moms, who might be dealing with extra fussy or colicky babies help is on the way! Do not despair. There are some things you can try to help your baby calm down when all they seem to be doing is crying, screaming and, well, crying and screaming.


1. Try the 5 S’s

If you haven’t seen the Happiest Baby on the Block DVD then pick up, rent it, or borrow it from a friend. It goes into the detail about the five S’s: sucking, swaddling, swinging, side-lying, and shushing. All these S’s are great “tools” to use when your baby goes into can’t-stop-crying-mode.

Sucking-If you baby isn’t a thumb sucker and isn’t feeding time, try a paci. It works best after you tried one of the other S’s and if your baby will take the paci you might luck up and get a napping baby!

Swaddling-You might think you’re wrapping your baby too tightly, but this little cocoon helps baby feel warm, snug, and secure. Not only that, but it keeps their little limbs from twitching thus from waking them while their asleep.

Side-lying-Your baby spent most of its time lying this way in the womb so it’s only natural that your baby will be most comfortable being held and carried in this position.

Shushing- A “shhhhh” sound mimics the whooshing noises your little one heard in your womb for nearly 9 months. Make the sound yourself or use some white noise.

Swinging-The constant motion of swinging is very soothing to a fussy baby. Don’t reinvent the wheel! There are some great swings on the market and they WILL save your life some days. When all else fails your baby may decide to only nap in the swing on some days. Invest in one (or two!) different swings.

2. Get Into a Good Sleep Routine

It never fails-a colicky baby is usually a poor sleeper. Establish a good daytime routine of eating, playing, and napping. Then, also create a nice bedtime schedule too. Before the last bottle or feeding of the day give your baby a nice warm bath. Then rub them down with lotion, read a book, rock him for a few minutes and then feed them for the night. They may not sleep well, but at least they will go to bed a little more relaxed.

3. Cut out Dairy Products

Most women don’t want to hear “no more ice cream” but it has been shown that reducing or completely cutting out dairy products from your diet if you are breastfeeding can reduce or even take away colic symptoms.

4. Check for Reflux

Sometimes a really fussy baby might not really be colicky after all. If you’ve tried everything and your baby still has had little relief there could something else going on. Many newborns experience reflux. Check with your pediatrician for ways help your baby get some relief. Medications can be prescribed and you can also try different formulas (if you are formula feeding).

5. Head Outdoors

Visit a park, sit on your front porch or back deck, or walk in your neighborhood for a few minutes. A little fresh air can help calm your nerves-and baby’s!

6. Take 5

When you’ve tried everything and it hasn’t worked and you need 5 or 10 minutes to yourself to shower or have a cup of coffee it’s okay to leave baby alone in their swing or crib to cry it out so you can a few minutes to yourself. If the crying is more than you can take try using your few minutes to take a shower or listening to your iPod so you can’t hear the crying as loudly.

What We Love Right Now March 30, 2011: How to Handle a Mompetitor

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Do you know a competitive mom? You know the mom that has to have the same clothes as you? or make sure her kids are in the same extra activities as yours, or dress alike, or have the same toys…The list could go on and on and on…Well, you get the picture. These kinds of moms are everywhere. They love being the best and telling you how good their kids are at everything at any chance they get. How can you deal with these “Mompetitors”?


1. Stay Focused

Everyone seems to busy updating their status and ‘tweeting’ about how great their kids are at this or that or what they just mastered at school that day. Try to remember what you have done with your child. Also remember, things aren’t always as glamorous as they appear on the web :-) .

2. Ignore

When a Mompetitor brings up her kids and starts bragging, just bring up another topic and change the subject. Before long you’ll be gabbing about something else and more than likely the other mom will get the hint, follow your lead, and stop mentioning her kids every time she has the chance.

3. Just Don’t Listen

Do you know a mom who asks silly questions just to open up the conversation for herself? You know if your (9 month old) eating baby food yet? Dumb question, huh? Well, just ignore. Don’t answer. If they she is going to ask a silly question just to open the floor so she can brag there is no need to even acknowledge her!

Are You a Single Mom in the City? Tips for Dating on a Diet

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Calling all the single mommas! If you’re still in the dating scene and dieting  you can have fun and enjoy a nice meal on your night out. Here are a few tips  to curb your hunger and some added calories but still have a yummy meal with your man!

1. Mexican

If you dining in a Mexican restaurant beware of salad. Most taco salads are loaded up with fatty toppings. Instead go with chicken or fish tacos. Pass on sour cream and add salsa instead. You’ll still have plenty of flavor and only 200 calories!

2. Italian

It’s hard to go to an Italian eatery without devouring an entire basket of break before your main course. As soon as you get there order an appetizer of soup-maybe a healthy Minestrone- or a salad. This will help you NOT eat the whole basket of bread! Choose a fish or chicken main dish with pasta as a side and go with a tomato based sauce.

3. Japanese

Sushi seems to be the hot trend lately. If you’re a sushi novice here are some tips: steer clear of rolls with the words tempura, crunch, dynamite, and spider in them — those are typically stuffed with fried shrimp and crab or covered in globs of mayo. Instead, try sharing  a variety of more traditional fish or veggie rolls, like salmon or yellowtail, and some sashimi with your significant other.

4. American

Stay away from fried and start with the ultimate guilt-free appetizer, shrimp cocktail. Next, look for a petite sirloin or filet mignon with veggies like broccoli or a medley.

5. Chinese

Try a broth based soup like hot and sour or egg drop (broth based soups are filling). Then do a steamed veggie, white rice, shrimp or beef with broccoli. Steer clear of fried entrees.

Disney Tangled DVD Deals…Don’t Miss Out! Week of March 28, 2011

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Walgreens-Free Crayola Color Wonder

Purchase the Tangled DVD for $17.99 this week at Walgreens and receive a free Crayola Color Wonder ($9.99 value) with purchase.

Best Buy-Free Plush Toy and $5 coupon

Purchase the 3D Blu-Ray for $24.99 at Best Buy with the Disney coupon (tangledcoupon.com/bestbuy to print your coupon, offer valid in store only from 3/29-4/3). Also when you buy any Tangled 3D Blu-Ray or Blu-Ray Combo Pack receive a free Pascal Plush toy. Regular prices are $14.99 for the regular DVD and $19.99 for the Blu-Ray DVD.

K-Mart-Free Rapunzel Doll

Buy Tangled on Blu-ray Combo Pack and get a FREE Rapunzel doll ($14.99 value) at Kmart. The offer is valid 3/29-4/2  while supplies last.

CVS-$3 Extra Care Bucks

Get $3 extra CVS bucks when you buy the Tangled DVD ($19.99 with a CVS Card)

Target-Free Book, two discount coupons and a possible $10 Target Gift Card scenario

Free Tangled Little Golden Book at Target when you buy any Tangled Blu-ray combo pack (items are packaged together). The 4-disc combo pack (including 3D Blu-ray, Blu-ray, DVD and digital copy) is $24.99 and the Blu-ray,  DVD combo pack is $19.99, and the regular DVD is $15.99.  Target also has a link to the Disney Movie Rewards Coupon for $5 off 4-disc combo pack. Go to Target.com/movies, this coupon is good through 4/3/11.

*All image rights belong to Disney

What We Love Right Now March 23, 2011: Top 10 Best Movies for Families

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Hosting a Sleepover? A night with your best friend’s family? Pop in one of these great movies for a night of movie watching that everyone will enjoy.

1. Goonies, Rated PG


It’s action and fantasy rolled into one! We think it’s one of the best little movies of the ’80s. The Goonies have that great friendship that all kids can relate to. We think this movie is best suitable for schoolage kids ages 8 and up.

2. Mary Poppins, Rated G


A classic Walt Disney film, this movie is great for all ages. In fact it’s supercalafragalisticexpialadicious!

3. Cheaper by the Dozen, Rated PG


Lots of kids and lots of fun, a family with 12 kids adjusts to life in the city after moving from a small town. Kids will enjoy the pranks and antics of the siblings and parents will appreciate the message of family unity.

4. Babe, Rated G


A talking pig is sure to win over the heart of any child in the room. It’s a very funny movie that will entertain the whole family.

5. School of Rock, Rated PG-13


We’re big Jack Black fans! This movie is probably suitable for the tween and teens in your house who can really appreciate the Jack Black humor, but given the kids in the film are elementary age, you could probably let your schoolage children watch it as well. This movie is a must see!

6. The Original Parent Trap, Rated G

parent trap

Another classic film, twin sisters separated at birth are reunited at summer camp. This one is sure to become a favorite!

7. The Sandlot, Rated PG


Summertime fun meets at the ballpark as the new boy in the neighborhood makes friends through his love of baseball. The boys in the house will be able to relate to this flick.

8. Father of the Bride, Rated PG

father of the bride

Frank will have everyone laughing and the relationship between the father and daughter is pretty great. This movie is funny, heart warming, and one that will become a family favorite! A perfect watch if you have older children.

9. Land Before Time, Rated G


A great story of a group of dino friends who would do anything for each other. A wonderful show for the young viewers in your house.

10. Finding Nemo, Rated G


An overprotective dad loses his son and has to go a long way to get him back. Disney packs enough adult humor into this film for the whole family to enjoy it! Find Nemo with Marlin and Dory over and over again!

Tired of boring popcorn? Mix in some dried fruit or m&m’s to give it some added flavor!

What We Love Right Now March 16, 2011: Boredom Busters 101

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It might be close to the official start of spring, but warmer weather hasn’t made it to all parts of the country just yet. And, let’s not forget some us are not traveling for spring break. You might be wondering what to do at home with the family that costs less, but still offers some fun for everyone. Here are some ideas to break the boredom woes for everyone at your house…

Make a Boredom Buster Kit – Get your kids involved and get your creative juices flowing by coming up with activities you all enjoy doing. Then go on a shopping trip to gather the supplies need to make activity bags needed for each activity (maybe its a craft or something special to bake together). The kids will have fun making the bags and when boredom hits again, all you have to do is pull out one of the bags!

Host a Cooking Party – There’s no such thing as too many cooks in the kitchen when you’re hosting a cooking party. Plus, you can invite some friends to join in on the fun too. This is a great idea for a lunchtime playdate OR even a breakfast playdate. Can you say muffins with mom or pancakes and pjs?

Bake Up a Storm – It doesn’t have to be a holiday in order to bake up a batch of your favorite cookies. Whip up some muffins or bake a batch of sugar cookies from the box. Your kids will fun adding sprinkles and icing and even more fun eating a few after they’re done baking!

Have a Scavenger Hunt – Get outside and explore your backyard, your neighbor, or your local park by creating a scavenger hunt. For younger children keep it simple, i.e. find something that is green. For older children you can make it a little more difficult with clues like “Find a Y shaped twig”. Don’t forget to pack a backpack with snacks, magnifying glasses, bugcatchers, and drinks.

Play Cards - Kids like card games. Play Old Maid, Go Fish, Crazy Eight or Memory.

What We Love Right Now March 9, 2010: Spring Break Staycation Ideas

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It’s that time of year! If you’re not traveling you might be bummed out. No matter the age of your children if you are stuck at home during Spring Break week you’ll be looking for an activity or two to entertain them (and of course yourself also!). We’ve got a few ideas for Spring Break staycation fun!

1. Organize a Block Party: Chances are you’re not the only people in the neighborhood who are hanging out at home. See who else on your street might be spending the break close by and organize a day of play, movie night, or neighborhood barbecue.

2. Visit the zoo: If you have younger children this would be a great opportunity to visit your local zoo. Pack a lunch and make a day of it!

3. Camp: Your backyard works-and if it’s rainy the livingroom makes a great spot too!

4. Visit a National State Park: State Parks offer tons of great photo opps and a chance of everyone to really enjoy the great outdoors. Plus, you never know what kind of really neat wildlife you might see while you’re out exploring.

5. A Day at the Beach: If you’re close, head to the coast for the day and soak up the sun. A day trip to the beach will lift everyone’s spirits!

6. Family Cooking Night: We think cooking together is a great idea, so why not get everyone involved? Make it easy and try spaghetti, salad and bread or pizza. This is a guaranteed to be a fun for everyone!

7. Game Night: Let each member of the family pick their favorite board game (older tweens and teens might like to pick a video game) and host a family game night that’s sure to be hours of fun.

8. Patio Picnic: If the weather is warm enough, have a dinner by candlelight on your back deck or patio. Little kids will surely think this is a treat and who knows, it might even become a family tradition!

9. Have a Mini-Vacation Weekend: Choose one weekend to mark off on the calendar as a mini-vacation. Turn off all the cells. Watch movies, go out to dinners as a family, shop, visit amusement parks, aquariums…Play tourist for a weekend. No chores for the entire weekend. The idea is to have fun and play like you aren’t really at home.

10. Attend a Farmers Market: Fresh veggies, handmade treats-This could be a fun outing for everyone!

Do you have a Spring Break staycation idea? Leave us a comment!

10 Must-Do Manners for Kids

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As moms we all want the most polite kids on the block. Sometimes it may seem their attitude may not be the best of the bunch. We’ve got a list of the top ten manners parents should instill in their kids and you’ll be raising cordial kids for years to come!


  1. “Please”~ It’s the age old “magic word”. When asking for something you should always start with “Please…”.
  2. “Thank You”~ When you receive something-a gift, a compliment, or help with holding a door open-reply with “thank you”.
  3. Try not to interrupt adult who are speaking to each other unless there is an emergency. If you have to interrupt conversation, say “excuse me…”.
  4. Do not speak of how others look, unless it is a compliment :-) .
  5. When you’ve been to a friend’s house for a play date or overnight stay don’t forget to thank their parents for having you over and for the wonderful time you had.
  6. Always knock on closed doors. You never know if bathroom is occupied or not just by judging on a closed door. Knock first and wait of response.
  7. If you come across a neighbor, teacher, or one of your parents working on something ask if you can help. If they invite you to join, you should. You might learn something new!
  8. Don’t reach for things at the dinner table. You might knock something over. Always ask for things to be passed to you if they are out of reach.
  9. If a play, siblings recital, or any kind of program you attend seems boring act interested anyway. Smile and try to enjoy the event. Remember, the people involved worked hard to put it all together.
  10. Do not make fun of anyone is any way. Teasing others is no way to be a friend and only makes you look like an unkind person.

Get Into the Spring Spirit!

March 2, 2011 by admin  
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Spring is in the air. Get into the mood and put some spring in your step and style with these fun little instant spring updates.

1. Update your entryway. Bid your snowmen farewell. The birds are chirping and the sun is setting a later (yay for more daylight!) so why not welcome those who stop by with a cheery doormat.

Pottery Barn, $29.00
Pottery Barn, $29.00
World Marker, $14.99
World Market, $14.99

2. Fresh cut flowers will add a hint of spring and color to any room. If you have a green thumb you can grow and pick them right out of your own garden. If gardening isn’t your thing you’ll have just as much fun choosing your favorite flowers from your local market.


3. If you have young to preteen age children brighten up their playroom and bedroom storage with some new containers. It will make keeping and putting things away a little more fun!

Pottery Barn Kids, $19.00-$24.00
Pottery Barn Kids, $19.00-$24.00
Land of Nod, $24.95
Land of Nod, $24.95

4. It’s Pedi/Mani time! Schedule some girl time or some spa time just for yourself and get your nails done in a springy color. OPI just announced its new line is named after the large and in charge great state of Texas. Here are a few of our favorite shades from the new line. Ya’ll be sure to pick your favorite too, ya hear ;-) .


5. White House | Black Market Your Wardrobe. The runway isn’t kidding when they keep showing black and white style trends each spring/summer. We know black and white seem drab for spring but you can add a pop of color with some bright beaded jewelry {pair it with yellow, red, hot pink or green!}. Find a black and white floral print and run with it! If you’re not into floral prints, then any black and white pattern will do!

White House | Black Market Tulip Dress, $69.99
White House | Black Market Tulip Dress, $69.99

Deal Alert: St. Patrick’s Day PartyWare Sale

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One of our favorite partyware sites Birthday in a Box has some of their St. Patrick’s Day goodies on sale, up to 60% off! From plates and cups to silly straws and head wear you’ll want to check out all the fun stuff they have to offer!


For this and more CLICK HERE!

What We Love Right Now March 2, 2011: St. Patrick’s Day Simple

March 2, 2011 by admin  
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Keep it Irish easy this St. Patrick’s Day with these simple green crafting and cooking ideas.

Super Simple Shepards Pie

Prep Time: 10 min

Ready in: 30 min.

What you need:
1 lb. ground beef
8 med. green onions (about 1 cup)
1 cup barbecue sauce
1 can mexi-corn mix, drained
1 can (4 oz.) green chillies, undrained
1 package of instant mashed potatoes
1/2 cup shredded cheddar cheese
1 cup corn chips

Fix it fast:
1. Cook ground beef and onions in a 10 in. skillet over medium heat, stirring occasionally until beef is brown. Drain well.
2. Next, stir in barbeque sauce, 3/4 cup of corn, and chilies. Heat to a boil, then reduce heat to stay warm.
3. Cook potatoes according to package (you’ll need milk, butter, and water) and stir in remaining onion and corn. Let stand at least 5 min.
4. Spoon potatoes onto center of beef mixture, leaving 2 1/2- to 3-inch rim around edge of skillet; sprinkle cheese over potatoes and beef mixture. Cover and let stand about 5 minutes or until cheese is melted. Sprinkle corn chips around edge of skillet.

Easy No Bake Cookies


Get your kids in the St. Patrick’s Day spirit with these super fast no-bake treats. Just pick up a package of soft-baked sugar cookies and press out shamrocks with a  cookie cutter. Add a bit of color by adding green sprinkles onto the cookies, and you’re done! As another options, you can also grab some premade sugar cookie mix, roll out the dough, bake and ice together!

Cereal Rainbow

For this super easy craft all you need is a box of Fruit Loops, glue and construction. Then, let your child get to work on the colors of the rainbow by making a rainbow with the colored loops!

Throw a Party

Feelin’ lucky? Then throw a super fun party for this holiday. For decorations make some four leaf clovers. All you need a green construction paper, glue, and glitter (or another add ons you’d like). Cut the construction paper into into four small hearts and a stem and arrange into a clover shape. Then add on your glitter, etc.

For decor think about using different shades of green balloons and maybe some gold or yellow too. Hang some rainbow streamer and use fun green or gold paper products to serve up your treats.

As a party craft for the kids, make rainbow mobiles. All you’ll need are wire hangers, multi-colored construction paper, markers or crayons, glue, and yarn. Make the rainbow as your “anchor” then hang different charms from your rainbow with the yarn (think Lucky Charms marshmellow shapes).

Serve up the greens: For food options think greens and yellows-celery, cucumbers, and green pepper served with dip. For a sweet treat whip up some cupcakes (according to package) and just add a few drops of green food coloring for a fun baked treat. Add green food coloring to white icing to top the cupcakes or use white icing topped with green or rainbow sprinkles.