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Throwing a summer birthday party? Or maybe you’re having a party just for fun? We’ve got several ideas for great party themes to help you have fun in the sun this summer with your kids and their friends!

1. A Tie-Dye T-Shirt Party, Best For Tweens and Teens

tiedyeinviteThe summertime is perfect t-shirt and flip flop wearing season. What better party theme for this time of year than tie-dye decorating? The shirts themselves are bright and cheery, just like the summer sun, and sure to be loads of fun for the party goers to make. We love these tie-dye invitations from Tiny Prints. They aren’t too bold, but still have some great pops of color.

TieDyePartyFor partyware Birthday in a Box has some great Tie Dye party supplies. We like these plates because you can get the dinner plates or cake plates and then mix and match with solid colored cups, napkins, and cutlery. And don’t forget balloons!

The tie dye shirts will make great party favors. Not sure how to tie dye? It’s pretty simple once you get the hang of it. Here are some great instructions we found at About.com.

2. Bubble Party, Best For Toddler and School Age Children

paperlanternsWhat small child doesn’t love bubbles? This party theme is perfect for a backyard bash. You can do a couple of stations: One table with small bottles of individual bottles of bubbles and another with large pans and wands with homemade bubble mix (not sure how to make a mix? It’s easy! Just use 1/2 cup dishwashing soap, like Dawn, 2 cups water, and 2 teaspoons of sugar).  You can also set up another table with bubble wrap cut up in small squares and paint and paper so the kids can paint with the bubble wrap.

If you have a covered porch or set up a tent or canopy we think decorating with paper lanterns and streamers would be such a cute idea. Paper lanterns would almost look like bubbles of all different colors and you could even use different sizes as well. Try your local party stores or, if you want to buy online, search PartyLights.com or JustArtifacts.com.

bubblestickFor food, serve up round items like Nilla Wafers, round fruits and veggie slices, and cookies. You can even serve Jell-O jigglers cut into circles-they are yummy, easy to make and colorful!

Party favors can be simple and cheap. We’ve seen these cute bubble wands at local stores everywhere and they are usually marked at $2.00/ea. or less. Such a cheap favor and each child would be sure to love it!

3. Pirate Party, Best for Toddler-School Age Children

Arrrrrrr, Matey! Sail the Seven Seas with your child and their friends with this super fun summer party theme! We found everything we needed for this theme at Birthday in a Box! Their pirate party selection couldn’t be beat.

For invitations…


Send a message in a bottle! How cute, unique, and, well, pirateish! Buy these HERE.



Don’t reinvent the wheel! Here’s another SharpMom favorite from Birthday in a Box. Pin the Eye Patch on the Pirate!

Looking for more game ideas? Try walking the plank with a small piece of wood, like a 2×4, or put on a “treasure hunt” AKA scavenger hunt for older kids.You can also play a game of “pass the skull” (aka hot potato). Just make your skill out of oval Styrofoam or wrap an old Mr. Potato Head :) .


All favorites from Birthday in a Box!



Try gold coins, eye patches, and treasure maps! All can be found online or at your local party stores.


1. Decorate Your Own Pirate Flag: All you need are crayons, paper, and great imagination!

2. Decorate a “Booty Bag” for all their pirate loot!

4. Flip Flop Fun, Best for School Age, Tween Girls

flipflopnapBirthday in a Box has another super girly party patter that’s perfect for a summer pool party! Theme your whole party around flip flops. Ask your guests to where their best swimsuit and favorite flops. Better yet, you could even ask them to decorate a pair of flops before hand and give a prize a the party to the best pair! For FlipFlopStrawpartyware, we found these great napkins that will go well with bright pink and orange plates and cups. We also love these super fun straws, sold in packs of 4. They girls will love sipping lemonade and tea from their fun flip flop straws!

If you don’t have your own personal pool, try booking a local pool or perhaps even the pool at your local YMCA. For food serve up finger foods like veggie and fruit trays and chips with dips. We like keeping decorations simple for this theme. Just doing bunches of colorful balloons will add a nice touch to coordinate with the flip flop napkin. We also found a couple of invitations we really liked.


To purchase this invitation, click here.


To purchase this invitation, click here.

5. Backyard Beach Party, Best for Ages Toddler to School Age Children

There is a lot you can do with this theme! For fun run some water sprinklers, open the sandbox and bring out the buckets and shovels, or for little ones use water tables for play too. Older children will enjoy games like crabwalk relay races, beach ball and water balloon tosses. Little ones will like baby pools filled with mini beach balls made into a ball pits or baby pools filled with water!

If you host this party in the  late afternoon/evening, invite parents and turn it into a BBQ. You could serve hotdogs, hamburgers, and chips. Don’t forget the cake! Maybe in the shape of a beach ball or fish? If you’re not feeling creative you can always preorder a cake with a beach scene from your favorite bakery!

We found these great invitations on Esty.com. Why do we love these? You can print them at home!


For party favors try a sand bucket and shovel filled with a few treats like sunglasses, leis, a small beach ball and candy.You can even personalize the buckets with by writing guest’s names on them with paint pens!


Do you have a great summer party theme? Leave us a comment and link up with us!


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