Got Guilt? Working Mom Guilt That Is…

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Guilt overcomes all mothers at some point-stay at home or working-it’s just part of parenthood. Maybe you were ridden with guilt when you gave birth or when you hopped on plane to have your first vacation sans kids. If you work, you probably have more to deal with than the stay at homers. You have a work schedule to consider. You can’t just miss a staff meeting to watch soccer practice or show up late to work to drive the morning carpool instead. That would be nice, but you can’t because you work. Guilt. You can, however, live guilt free and we’ve got some 3 tips to help you find the guilt-free you!

working mom guilt

The Kids Really Are Just Fine

You probably feel a ton of guilt just dropping your children off at daycare, if you are still in that stage. But research has shown that kids turn out pretty much the same with working or stay at home moms. They don’t become geniuses just because mommy was with them 24/7. So, leave the guilt at the sitter’s door. The kids will be just fine while you are at work.

It’s Not Just You

Millions of mommies work. In fact, if you talk to some of the women at your work place you’ll find many of them are going through or have been through your exact situation. Share your guilt with them. They will understand where you are coming from and you will feel so much better just for sharing your feelings.

Kids are Resilient

You know the feeling: You are 5 days into the drop off routine and your child is still clinging to your leg screaming as you try to leave their room. Guilt. You really shouldn’t worry because chances are she stopped crying and calmed down a few minutes into the classroom routine. If she didn’t, you would be getting a phone call. If you’re really worried you can always call your child’s sitter or school to check on them and make sure they calmed down and carried on with the day.

Do you work outside the home? How do you cope with “mommy guilt”? Leave us a comment!


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