What We Love Right Now April 4, 2012: Cute Easter Cupcakes

April 4, 2012 by admin  
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Baking for holidays doesn’t have to be an elaborate ordeal! We made these cute cupcakes for Easter and they required very little effort! Great addition to your Easter brunch or dinner dessert table or an Easter play date!

DSC00535 (800x600)

All you need to make these cupcakes are:

Boxed Cake Mix (any flavor)

White Icing (we like the premade in a jar!)

Red, Blue, and Green Food Coloring

Easter Candy of Your Choice (We chose coated chocolate eggs)

Fix it Fast:

1. Bake cake mix according to package.

2. In three separate bowls, mix icing with small amounts of food coloring. The less you use, the more pastel the coloring will be.

3. Put icing in a Ziploc bag, snip corner, and use decorating tip to ice cupcakes.

4. Place candies on top and enjoy!


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