What We Love Right Now June 6, 2012: 14 Fun & Frugal Summer Activities for Kids

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Summertime can be loads of fun, but it also brings on a little panic for some moms and dads: What ARE you and your kids going to do each day? Every child {and parent} needs some entertainment to avoid boredom. We’ve got a list of 14 great, fun, and frugal activities you and your child can enjoy!


1. Free Beach Scene Printable. Create your own beach scene with this super cute printable. Great craft project for your child to spark their imagination. Click here to print.

2. A Day at the Movies. Check your town for a $1 movie theater or your local Regal Cinemas for free movie day. The Regal Summer Movie Express runs all summer long. For more info, click here.

3. Bake! Don’t we all have a great memory or two of baking with mom from our childhood? Kids love to help in the kitchen. Baking is a great, easy way for them to get involved. There are also some things they can learn while helping (fractions, measuring, etc.). If baking a cake or muffins isn’t up your alley, maybe you could opt for making pizzas!

4. Create a summer reading list. Keeping up with reading skills over the summer is a great way to stay caught up for the following school year. Keep those brains working by creating a summer reading list for your child. Then, set aside a time each day to read together. We suggest some classics like Ramona Quimby, Age 8, Green Eggs and Ham, and Magic Treehouse Series (of course, your book list will vary by age). Need some help making your list? Check out these summer reading lists for K-6th grade.

5. Free Bowling. Kids Bowl Free is not offered in every town, but be sure to check their site! If available, your child is eligible for 2 free games of bowling per day this summer!

6. Water painting. Have a driveway or sidewalk nearby? Your toddler will love painting with water. Yep, that’s right–a cup of water and a paintbrush are all that you’ll need!

7. Build a Fort. Got some boxes and/or blankets? Then you have all you need to build a pillow/couch/chair fort! I’m pretty sure all preschool and primary age children love a good fort, some popcorn, and a movie of their choice on a rainy afternoon.

8. Story Time at Bookstore or the Library. Story Time can be a great, free outing on a hot day. It’s indoors and usually the librarians have a great story picked out, sometimes with props, etc. Barnes and Noble has story times throughout each month, usually with character(s) present!

9. Let the Child Decide the Activity. For tweens and teens coming up with boredom busters can sometimes be a challenge. At the onset of summer vacation hold a family meeting and let your child suggest some things they might like to do over the break.

10. Go camping. This can happen in your livingroom on a rainy night, in the backyard, or in a nearby town.

11. Go to the Park. Hours of entertainment can be provided, FREE, at your local park. Let your kids play, pack a picnic lunch, and maybe enjoy a walking trail after y0u eat. I know my kids love to walk trails and find different leaves, bugs, and other natural treasures.

12. Declare Craft Day. Spend a day or afternoon crafting. Need some ideas? How about making your own board game, find and paint pet rocks, or make some finger puppets {click here for free puppet printables}.

13. Put on a Magic Show. Every child likes a trick or two. Now they can play trickster for their siblings or neighborhood friends with these 5 easy to learn magic tricks.

14. Host backyard Olympics. In honor of the London 2012 Olympics we suggest hosting your own version of the Olympics–dodgeball, jump rope, hula hoop, tug of war, running races, etc. Don’t forget snacks and homemade medals. Invite friends and neighbors and make a day of it!

Following these 14 fun and frugal summer activities will get you through two weeks of summer vacation. Do you have a great summer fun idea? We’d love to hear about it!


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