25 Indoor Activities for Kids

January 11, 2013 by admin  
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The holiday craze has come to an end and the doldrums of winter have settled in. Winter can bring on a whole new lot of challenges when it comes to keeping kids busy. It’s usually too cold to be outside for long, not to mention the days of rain or snow, leaving everyone cooped up indoors. Here’s a list of things to keep you and your kiddos occupied {and maybe not glued to the TV most of those snowy days}!

1. Bake–make it easy with break and bake cookies, try something from scratch, or conjure up some no-bake goodies like these cute snowmen donuts

2. Build with Legos {we like to make houses and “towns” which can turn into quite the afternoon project}

3. Play a board game, or two!

4. Make magazine art/collages

5. Make a blanket and pillow fort

6. Create an around the house scavenger hunt

7. Have a tea party

8. Make cards for friends/family

9. Finger paint

10. Play restaurant {make menus, play-doh food, etc.}

11. Read favorite storybooks

12. Cook-Kids love helping in the kitchen. Try a family pizza night.

13. Have a dance party to your favorite songs

14. Make a family tree

15. Put on a talent show

16. Make a felt creatures

17. Create a story or play

18. Host a puppet show

19. Create a chore chart–then do a chore or two!

20. Have an indoor picnic lunch

21. Make snowflakes {yep, the good ole paper kind}

22. Play dress up

23. Make Valentine’s Day decorations

24. Make a masking tape race track for HotWheel cars {Safe on carpet, tile, and wood floors!}

25.Take a Bath-Sounds silly, but just by adding a few around-the-house, waterproof “toys” your kids will find new found fun in bathtime

And here a few things to try if you feel like venturing out on those crazy blustery, cold days:

If weather permits, visit local zoo {many zoos offer wintertime discounts}

Visit local children’s museum

Visit your library {free and fun!}


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