5 Quick Ways to Add a Little Extra Fun to Your Spring

March 21, 2013 by admin  
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The weather is warming slowly but surely. It’s a great time to get outdoors when you can or have some fun indoors when a spring shower pops up. Here are five ideas to add to your day when you might need a little something extra to occupy your child.

1. Start a Nature Scrapbook


My kids LOVE collecting things from the outdoors. Sometimes it’s just a weedy flower, but to them it is very special. Usually these items get left behind or shoved in the bottom of my purse for me to find days later, dried a crumbled. Starting a nature scrapbook is a great way for your child to keep their favorite outdoor treasures. It’s also fun for them to glue new things into their book, decorate each page, etc. All you need a notebook and craft glue!

2. Make Pizza Cookies

All you need is some pizza dough, sugar, cinnamon, and sprinkles to make these fun treats. Just divide pizza dough into lumps and let your child flatten them out {they can use their hands or a potato masher}. Sprinkle with sweet toppings and bake!

3. Garden Together


All kids love digging and getting dirty. Boys like finding bugs and worms and little girls love smelling flowers {and finding bugs, too!}. Planting some small potted flowers or pulling weeds together is a great way to spend some time outside AND get some work done too. Tomatoes are very easy to care for and can be planted in a pot. Your child will love caring for it and seeing their yummy tomatoes grow!

4. Visit Your Local Library

On rainy days a great way to break up your morning or afternoon is visiting your local library. My kids like just reading in a comfy chair in the children’s section. Sometimes we luck up and visit right at story time and every loves checking out a few books to take home and read.

5. Take a Photo Walk

You can do this at your local park or around your neighborhood. Be sure to wear comfy shoes and pack your camera! As you take your nature walk be on the look out for creatures, critters, flowers, etc. You can snap pictures as you go and when you get home you can have your pictures to review with your child. Take it a step further and print your pics to make a book all about your photo walk.


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