Make Reading Time Fun: 4 Tricks for Boosting Your Child’s Reading Confidence

May 13, 2013 by admin  
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Reading with your child everyday is so important. Not only does it help them become more familiar with phonics and spelling, it’s also a great time to cuddle and bond. But what happens when your child is ready to begin learning to read?

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Most all children will learn basic phonics and reading skills in Kindergarten {times have changed since Mama was a Kindergartener!}. For some children reading will come easily and naturally. For others it will be a daunting task of sounding out words and learning their meanings. The goal is to make reading something to look forward to, not something your child will dread doing! Here are a few tips:

1. Make reading a game. As your child struggles with words, he will get frustrated. Ease the stress by making the book fun. Help here and there, but also use the pictures to help tell some of the story. Look for words on the page that your child already knows and read well. You can also break words down. Your child may not be able to read “splat” but he can find the “at” in that word easily.

2. Use your pets. Sounds silly right? But think about it–teachers and, yes, even parents, are quick to correct when a child misses a word or struggles with sounds. This can really deflate a child’s confidence level. On the flipside of people, pets are nonjudgmental. Your dog, cat, or even fish can make wonderful listeners. They don’t speak and even if your child makes a few mistakes they will feel great at the end because they completed a story on their own without help!

3. Keep it short. Kids get tired and frustrated quickly–especially when they need  help with a lot of words. After reading a few times with your child find out how long he can last. It may be 10 minutes or 20, but keep your reading time short at first. As your child becomes more confident and comfortable you can lengthen your sessions.

4. Look beyond the books. Keep in mind reading takes place all around us and words are everywhere. Have fun reading labels at the grocery store. Read billboards and street signs during your drive to school. At breakfast, take a look at the cereal box. These are just a few fun ways to incorporate reading into your daily activities without your child realizing they are having fun AND reading too!


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