3 Inexpensive LEGO Storage Ideas {Under $25}

February 21, 2014 by admin  
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Welcome back for our last day of LEGO blogging! We’ve covered everything from snack to apps and today we are looking at inexpensive ways to store LEGOs.

1. Basic Sterlite Cart, $21.88

We like this cart because not only can it store blocks, but its drawers are deep enough to store LEGO plates as well.


2. UTZ Cheeseball Containers Turned DIY LEGO Container, $12

This is a genius idea and CHEAP! All you need is a large jar of UTZ Cheeseballs, around $8, and yellow and clear spray paint, about $3, and you can make these super cute LEGO containers! For step-by-step instructions, click here.


3. Under Bed Storage, $14

Go with us here…This might be a great shoe organizer, but with the compartments we thought this would make a great LEGO sorter and storage system. Best off all this container will slide neatly {and be hidden!} under your child’s bed keeping all the LEGOs out of sight.


Thanks for following along this week during our LEGO blog series!

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