Disney Dining: Review of Be Our Guest Restaurant

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“Be our guest” as we review one of the hottest dining spots at Walt Disney World, Be Our Guest Restaurant in the New Fantasyland at Magic Kingdom.


Dining at Be Our Guest is on the radar of a lot of visitors to the Magic Kingdom. We visited shortly after the restaurant opened in 2013 and there was just no way to get a dinner reservation and the lunch line was a mile long by 11am. In case you don’t already know Be Our Guest is a quick service option for lunch and a table service option for dinner, each at 1 dining credit per person.

Before we get into the great atmosphere and food, let’s talk about how to dine here with a Fast Pass for lunch or dinner advanced dining reservation.

You have 4 choices:

1. Fast Pass thru disneyworld.com. This can be done via disneyworld.com using the “make dining reservations” option. We had absolutely no luck securing a Fast Pass for a lunch reservation. Currently lunch dates are opening up for grabs about two to three weeks before your arrival date. For example, March lunch dates just became available this week.

Dinner advance dining reservations can also be made thru the Disney site. In order to secure your spot your best option is to make this reservation as soon as you are 180 days out from your arrival date. I will say I noticed a few dinner spots opened up the day of our visit to Magic Kingdom. This is probably because Disney has enforced a new cancellation policy: You must cancel 24 hours+ before your dining time or you will be penalized $10 per person for a missed reservation. I believe some folks had a change in plans 24 hours out and canceled their reservation freeing up a few dinner slots.

2. Use the special reservation link. Other visitors have had some luck making Fast Pass reservations using this link: https://beourguestlunch.disney.go.com/. Once you get to the page just enter your disney.com login info. Then you should be able to use your package reservation number or ID number located on your “Manage Magic Bands” page in your account.

3. Fast Pass Email Invitation From Disney. You could imagine our surprise when on the day of arrival to Walt Disney World we got an email invitation from Disney asking if we would like to try a Fast Pass lunch at Be Our Guest, reserve a lunch time, and preorder our meal…UM, YES! If you do get this email invitation you can chose to use your dining plan credits or not and then make your entree selections. There are some really great options. You can also reserve your arrival window time.

4. Standy By Line. This is not ideal to most because almost daily the line remains long. However, it seems that as time goes by there are some pockets of shorter stand by waits, before Noon and after 2pm. We’ve been to Magic Kingdom twice since this restaurant opened and the stand by line was so long that waiting was just not worth it (to us anyway).

Okay, now on to the great review! We dined here on a Monday, which is supposed to be the worst day of the week to visit Magic Kingdom due to Sunday arrivals making it their first park visit. Since we prebooked our meal with the Disney email invitation, we had a Fast Pass arrival time between 10:40-11:10am and got to the check in desk right at 11:00. The stand-by line was a sight and already making quite a snake into Fantasyland telling us that the popularity of this restaurant has not died down yet! With our pass we checked in, reviewed our preorder selections, and were seated immediately.

There are three seating areas in the restaurant. We dined in the Ballroom which was absolutely beautiful!


{Ballroom Chandeliers}

The lunch menu offers some tasty sandwiches and salads. The adults in our group opted for the carved turkey sandwich on a baguette and the carved roast beef sandwich, each with the pomme fries. For a quick service lunch these sandwiches were great, with a very gourmet taste.


{turkey sandwich}

If you are on the dining plan each entree comes with a dessert. We tried the Master’s Cupcake {and the grey stuff was delicious!}. We also had the chocolate filled creme puff. Both were very good.

IMG_5277_3 (800x579)

The kid’s meal options were very healthy and yummy looking as well. Our children enjoyed the carved turkey sandwiches and pork.

We definitely recommend this restaurant. The atmosphere is great, especially for all Belle lovers. At dinner the Beast greets guests. While it’s not a true character meal that does add a nice touch. If don’t have luck making a dinner reservation, lunch is a great alternative and makes great use of your quick service dining credits.


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