10 LEGO Party Ideas

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Today’s LEGO blog series is focusing on LEGO party ideas. LEGO birthday parties are a hit for boys and girls alike and can be a very colorful way to celebrate a birthday. Here are some of our favorite finds and ideas for creating a great LEGO party!

1. LEGO Favor Bags {via}

We love these favor bags simply made with bold colored bags and card stock. Just use a circle punch to cut out perfect circles and adhere with double-sided foam to “raise” the circle off the bag.


2. LEGO Guessing Game {via}

Guess how many LEGOs are in the jar–super easy and a great party game filler.

3. LEGO Frame Favor {via}

These are 100% adorable and make a really cute take-away favor for party guests…Heck, they’d make a great addition to any child’s bedroom as well!

4. LEGO Party Banner {via}

This banner follows some of the same steps as the favor bags…EASY!


5. LEGO Party Utensil Holder {via}

Okay, how simple is this idea? Use LEGOs to build a utensil holder OR you could make the box a little bigger and these could also hold party snacks!


6. Homemade LEGO Brick Cake {via}

Not a baker? Not to worry! The brick base of this cake can be any store bought loaf-shaped cake, like a pound cake. And those raised dots? Those are simply jumbo marshmallows!


7. LEGO Party Invitations {via}

If you’ve got a home computer/printer and some cardstock you can easily make these cure LEGO invitations!


8. LEGO Name Decor {via}

Duplo blocks help create the guest of honor’s age or name, making a great party decoration.


9. LEGO Balloons {via}

Yellow balloons and a black marker make these fun, and inexpensive, LEGO face balloons. Perfect party decor!


10. LEGO Cups {via}

You can make these LEGO drink cups using yellow paper cups and markers.


We hope you liked these ideas as much as we did!

Check back tomorrow for the last post in our LEGO blogging series!

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Welcome back to our LEGO craze blog week! We kicking off Wednesday with this easy DIY LEGO man shirt. How cute would these be for a birthday boy or a visit to LEGOLAND?!

Many craft stores sell plain yellow shirts for just a few dollars and with a few more inexpensive materials this shirt could belong to your Lego fan!


Head over to Busykidshappymom.org for the six simple steps to create this shirt!

4 Fun LEGO Snacks

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We’re continuing our LEGO blogging craze with these four fun snacks great for parties or everyday!

LEGO Cookies {via}

We love these fun cookies. Easy to make with colored icing and M&Ms or Skittles. These could also be done as brownies instead of cookies.


Marshmallow LEGO Pops {via}

Again, super easy to make and in a yummy pop!


LEGO Cheese and Crackers {via}


LEGO Rice Krispie Treats {via}

These are very similar to the cookies, but we like that they are not as fragile and could be wrapped as shown for a party treat to go!


No Bake Banana Pudding

Two reasons we love this recipe: no bake and no eggs!


What You Need

Two 3oz Packs Vanilla Pudding Mix

3 Cups Milk

30-40 Nilla Wafers

3 Ripe Bananas, Sliced

Cool Whip, optional

Fix it Fast

1. In a large bowl whisk pudding mix and milk until blended. Let stand 5 minutes.

2. In a 2 qt. deep dish layer ingredients in this order: wafers, pudding, banana slices. Repeat.

3. Garnish top with additional wafers. Refrigerate 3 hours before serving. Top with Cool Whip if desired.

Monsters Inc Celebration Ideas {Crafts, Treats, and More!}

We’re getting very excited to see the upcoming Monsters Inc movie, Monsters University. To gear up for the show, we are going to have a “Monstrous Day of Fun” at our house complete with crafts and treats themed after the movie’s characters! Here are a few of the scaretastic ideas we’ve rounded up so far!

1. If you’re a Monster’s Inc fan, the you probably love Sully and Mike and we think these fun printable cut-outs via learnlovecreate.com are adorable! Get your FREE printable Sully and Mike here: Printable Sully OR Printable Mike

2. These Noise Maker add-ons are fun and inexpensive. Usually we get our party blowers at Wal-Mart or the Dollar Store and the price is always around $1-$2 per pack.


3. We plan on watching the original Monster’s Inc movie and these slushies would be the perfect movie treat!


Sully Slushie {via  http://thedragonsfairytail.blogspot.com}

To make these tart drinks you’ll need one pack of blue kool-aid or Ice Blueberry Jello, ice, and 1/4 cup or less lemon juice. Just crush ice in the blender, add Kool Aid pack contents and lemon juice, and serve! {for more fun monster drinks visit here}

4. Love these fun Mike plates to use for meals and snacks (under $2/pack)!


5. It’s summer and we love traditional smores, but how about these fun Smore Doors inspired by the movie–LOVE! All you’ll need are: graham crackers, marshmallow fluff, and Hershey bar pieces. {This genius idea via}


6. This Pin-The-Eye-On-Mike game would make the perfect addition to your Monsters Inc party, but we might make it to just play at home!


We also plan on attending this FREE event at our local Lowes!

We hope these ideas help you plan a spookerific day before you head to the theater!

Mickey Mouse Cookie Cutter Just $0.78 SHIPPED

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Are you throwing a Mickey Mouse themed party? This cookie cutter shaped like Mickey will help you make some yummy treats!


We love these fun cookies from Ms. Fox’s Sweets!


Get your super cheap Mickey cookie cutter here!

What We Love Right Now March 13, 2013: Shamrock Cookies

Before I bake I always ask myself a few questions: “Does this recipe have a lot of ingredients?” “Is there a lot of prep?” “Can the kids help?” If I answer “no”, “no” and “YES!” then I’m usually good to go. Just ran across this shamrock cookie recipe via Pilsbury and had to share! The prep time for this one is a little longer, but the kids can help so it’s worth it. Only 3 ingredients and 3 simple steps!


You’ll Need:

1 package of Pilsbury refrigerated cookie dough {in a roll}

1/4 cup all purpose flour

1 jar of green sprinkles or any festive St. Patrick’s Day sprinkles

Fix it Fast:

1. Heat oven to 350°F. In large bowl, break up cookie dough. Stir or knead in flour until well blended. Work with half the dough at a time; refrigerate remaining dough until needed.

2. Shape dough into 70 (3/4-inch) balls; reserve 7 balls. Roll each of the remaining balls in green sugar. To form each shamrock, place 2 balls with sides touching and 1 ball on top on ungreased cookie sheets. For stems, divide each reserved ball into 3 pieces. Roll each piece into ball, then in green sugar; shape into a triangle. Place 1 triangle pointed side up at bottom of each cookie between 2 balls for stem.

3. Bake 10 to 12 minutes or until set. Cool 1 minute; remove from cookie sheets to cooling rack. Cool completely, about 15 minutes.

This recipe is directly from Pilsbury.com. Check out their site for more great ideas!

15 Easy DIY Valentine’s Crafts and Treats

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Our Valentine’s Day DIY Round up is here!

1. Sorted Button Heart via

A fun color sorting craft for toddlers and preschoolers.


2. Festive Valentine’s Day Banner via

This banner is easy to create. Buy supplies at your local craft store or use scraps of left over cardstock or scrapbook paper you may have at home.


3. Bear Hugs DIY Valentine via

So simple, so cute!


4. Edible Cookie and Candy Centerpiece via

A no-bake treat for the centerpiece at your Valentine’s Day playdate party or family dinner.


5. Cherry Chocolate Cookies via

One word: YUM!


6. Crayon Valentine Card via

This is a great way to reuse all those broken crayons.


7. Starburst Valentines via

A candy favorite packaged with a catchy verse!


8. Candy Box Lunch via

We thought this was a really neat way to reuse those heart-shaped candy boxes.


9. Conversation Heart Pencil Toppers via

Not all Valentine “cards” have to include candy. Buy some festive pencils and top with these conversation hearts. All you’ll need is construction paper, markers, and pipe cleaners.


10. Fabric Scrap Wreath via

This wreath is made of twig and fabric scraps. We think you could substitute with patterned cardstock as well!


11. Love Bugs via

Toilet paper rolls, construction paper, and pipe cleaners are the few things you need to create these adorable bugs!


12. Robot Valentines via

Craftier kids will love making these homemade Valentine cards, independently, for their friends.


13. Heart Suncatcher via

giant hearts

14. Valentine’s Day Spinner via

This is a cute activity to do with your kids the week leading up to Valentine’s Day.


15. Button Heart Ornament via

Cute button ornaments make a great addition to your mantle garland or Valentine’s Day tree.


Donut Reindeer No-Bake Treats

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We love, love, love no bake recipes so when we ran across this idea on Pinterest we had to give it a try. These really were as easy as everyone on Pinterest claimed. All you need are pretzels (we found large ones work best), red M & M’s, a bag of mini chocolate donuts, and candy eyes (if you can’t find these white icing will work just as well). You’ll also need a little icing to make the eyes and M & M’s stay in place.

Apply each item on the right spot and the end result are some cute Rudolph donuts. We used these for a class treat and they were a big hit!


Tips for Hosting a Stress Free Thanksgiving Dinner

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Hosting Thanksgiving dinner this year? It is just a few weeks away and can sneak up on you if you put the details of planning on the back burner. A little planning ahead can go a long way. Here are a few tips for creating a stress free Thanksgiving gathering, in no particular order.


1. Plan out your meal about two weeks head of time.

Right about now would be a good time to sit down with a pen and paper and think about what dishes you are going to serve with your turkey or ham. Think about the number of people who will be in attendance. Make a thorough grocery list including all dish ingredients and also some basic staples (you never know!). If you begin your grocery shopping the first full week of November and by Thanksgiving week you should have everything you need in your fridge or freezer.

2. Clean house

Don’t leave all the mopping and scrubbing for Thanksgiving Eve. A week before Thanksgiving start with baseboards (your MIL might notice dirty ones ;-) ) and move on to larger cleaning projects. Work on one room at a time and that will help break up the cleaning spree. Remember, don’t tackle your whole house at once. You don’t want to exhaust yourself before turkey day!

3. Decorate

Get into the spirit of the season and deck your home with some nice pumpkins and fall decor. A few autumn items will make your home feel cozy and festive!

4. Plan your table setting and place cards.

About a week before gather up your linens, flatware, and serveware. If you can, set your table, plates and all, a few days in advance. You can cover your table with a sheet to keep dust from settling. If you can’t do this ahead of time it’s ok, but it will save you some time if you are able. For large groups, write place cards and thank about seating arrangements. Take into account kid tables and extra tables and chairs you may need.

5. No TV

We know this day will be full of football and parades, but during your meal be sure to keep all TVs off. Enjoy some music and eachother’s conversation. This is a day to be thankful for one another after all!

6. Buy your bird early.

By the first of November you should be going to the market to choose the perfect turkey. This is especially key if you don’t need a large turkey as the smaller sized birds tend to sell out first.

7. Cook ahead of time.

Any dish that can be easily warmed up should be prepared the night before and then stored in the fridge. Sounds silly, but many desserts and casseroles can be made a day early and then brought out and popped in the oven if needed before your meal is served. Trust us, this will cut down on your cooking time Thanksgiving Day.

8. Gather all cooking supplies.

Do you have enough baking pans? Check your cookware stock in advance and make sure you have enough baking dishes, a turkey baster, etc. Thinking ahead will save you from a last minute trip to the store (or knock on the neighbor’s door!).

Remember, whether this is your first or fourteenth year to host Thanksgiving dinner, try to relax, prepare what you can ahead of time, and enjoy the company of your family and friends…It only comes around once a year!

What We Love Right Now June 20, 2012: Summer Party Ideas Plus Printable Party City Coupon

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One lovely thing about summer time is the ability to throw great outdoor parties. From birthday to anniversaries or just plain summer fun events like pool parties and bbq’s, summer lends itself to some great party themes. We’ve done some brainstorming and came up with a Top Ten Summer Party Theme List!

1. Tiki Theme

2. Hawaiian Luau

3. Backyard Beach Party {Super fun for kids, teens, AND adults!}

4. Clam or Lobster {Perfect if you’re by the beach!}

5. Anchor’s Away/Nautical Theme

6. Sundresses and Sangria {SCREAMS girl’s night fun!}

7. Bathing Suits and Bubbles {Great for toddler and preschoolers}

8. Picnic and Popciles {Great to host at a park or your backyard for the perfect playdate!}

9. Patriotic Party {No-brainer summer staple!}

10. Poolside Potluck {Let your guests to some of the work!}

Remember, it’s going to be a long, hot summer so be sure to keep your food and drink menus fresh and light.

And let’s not forget party supplies! Grab this great printable coupon from Party City and save $10 on any $65 in store purchase (exp. 6/30/12)! To print your coupon, click here.

If you’re looking for party ideas specifically for children, check out our list of summer party ideas just for kids!

Happy summer party planning!

Fun Birthday Countdown Printables {It’s FREE!}

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Birthdays can be a big deal, especially with kids. Why not countdown to your family member’s next birthday? These printable are FREE and super cute.

Here’s just one design…

image via

Just click here and choose a design that you can print at home or at a local store, like Walmart or Target. Then put the printable in a frame and use a dry erase marker to change the number from day to day!

Thanks to Life Sweet Life for creating such cute printables!

What We Love Right Now April 4, 2012: Cute Easter Cupcakes

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Baking for holidays doesn’t have to be an elaborate ordeal! We made these cute cupcakes for Easter and they required very little effort! Great addition to your Easter brunch or dinner dessert table or an Easter play date!

DSC00535 (800x600)

All you need to make these cupcakes are:

Boxed Cake Mix (any flavor)

White Icing (we like the premade in a jar!)

Red, Blue, and Green Food Coloring

Easter Candy of Your Choice (We chose coated chocolate eggs)

Fix it Fast:

1. Bake cake mix according to package.

2. In three separate bowls, mix icing with small amounts of food coloring. The less you use, the more pastel the coloring will be.

3. Put icing in a Ziploc bag, snip corner, and use decorating tip to ice cupcakes.

4. Place candies on top and enjoy!

Vistaprint Only Gets Better! New Nickelodeon Merchandise Added

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I’ve always been a HUGE fan of Vistaprint! They offer so many products and at a stellar price. Anytime I can’t find a design I like with other companies I can always find something I like with Vistaprint. I especially love their invitations and announcements. Recently added to their designs are Nickelodeon prints featuring Dora, Diego, Sponge Bob, and more!


Click here to begin creating your Vistaprint invitation!

Kid Party Ideas: Construction Dump Truck Themed Birthday Party

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My toddler loves cars and trucks, so when I started planning his second birthday party I knew a vehicle themed party was a no-brainer! He especially loves his Chuck dump truck and all of Chuck’s Pals so I decided on a construction themed party. Here’s what we created with the help of great online party supplies like Birthday Express, Birthday in a Box and Kid’s Parties by Lori {highly recommend all three!}

It was all very simple. We had a small gathering, but still wanted to have some cute decor and fun with food.


Peppermints: Rocks

Pudding Cups with Gummie Worms: Dirt Cups

Donuts: Spare Tires


Cupcakes: Boulders (cupcake picks from Lori’s Parties)


Brownies: Cinder Blocks


Catered Sandwiches and other sides: Work Site Grub


The cake came from a local grocery store bakery. It was delish! I am not a baker, but wanted a mud look, so chocolate icing with chocolate sprinkles did the trick! All candles were purchased from Birthday in a Box.


The mantle was decorated with a DIY scrapbook paper pennant and some favorite Chuck trucks.

We like sweets so that was a major part of the snacks. You could be creative and go any direction with pebbles, rocks, and other things you might find on a construction site. All the dump trucks and construction cars were ones we already had, so be sure to utilize what you’ve got for decorations. Also, you can’t really see it in the picture, but the black plastic table cover had silver tape down the center giving it a “road” look. The kids loved it!

**All paper products were purchased from Birthday Express.

What We Love Right Now December 14, 2011: Easy to Make Holiday Treats

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Christmastime is a great time to roll up your sleeves and bake. If you’ve baking up a storm maybe you’re looking for an easy treat to make or, if you’re not really into baking, you might be looking for a cookie recipe that requires just a couple of ingredients and just a little time. Our two holiday cookie ideas are perfect for either category you may fall in!

Christmas Cookie Sammies


{image via}

We found this cookie idea on another blog and thought it was a great, simple idea to share! All you need are the Pillsbury slice and bake cookies, some yummy icing (homemade or store bought), and some fun, festive sprinkles! These require little effort and they’ll be yummy and, not to mention, cute on a nice little platter. For the full recipe click here.

Christmas Tree Brownies


Another simple creation, these treats take just a few minutes to bake and decorate and it’s the perfect way to involve you little bakers as well. You’ll need one box of brownie mix, candy cane sticks, green gel icing, and peppermint M & M’s.

1. Bake the brownies according to the box.

2. After brownies have cooled, cut into triangle, tree shape with a steak knife.

3. Insert candy cane stick at bottom of brownies for the tree stem.

4. Apply icing and place M & M’s on brownie.

What We Love Right Now November 16, 2011: No Bake Pilgrim Hat Cookies

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Our no bake streak continues with these super cute, simple pilgrim hat cookies! They’re sure to be the big hit at your weekly play group or as the centerpiece and dessert at the Thanksgiving kid’s table!


{image via}

All you need to make these cute creations are fudge stripe cookies, mini Reese’s cups, and yellow icing. The picture shown uses orange Chiclets at the hat buckle, but we think substituting with orange M&M’s or Reese’s Pieces would be just as adorable!

Spooky Eyeballs: The Yummiest Halloween Treat

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With Halloween just a few days away, we’ve got the perfect little treat for your ghosts and goblins. These donuts are SO simple to create and will make a great addition to your Halloween gathering! The directions are pretty easy (this is another no-bake creation!). Just grab a pack of powdered donuts, red icing, and green m&m’s and in a few minutes you’ll have a platter full of the spookiest eyeballs you’ve ever seen!

IMG_1874 (2) (800x670)

Do you have a great no-bake Halloween creation? Share it and link up with us in the comments below!

No-Bake Chocolate Acorns

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Here at SharpMoms we’re all about making things as simple as possible. Whether you work or stay at home, have one child or four, everything you do should be as easy as it can be. These no-bake chocolate and peanut butter acorns are the perfect little fall treat and are so simple to make. Not to mention all the ingredients are the perfect size for the little helpers your kitchen!

acorn (176x129)

What You’ll Need:

1 bag of semi sweet mini chocolate chips

1-2 bags of Hershey Kisses

1-2 bags of Nutter Butters (you’ll need the bite-sized)

Fix it Fast:

1. Melt 1/2 bag of mini chocolate chips in microwave {5 second intervals, stirring very well each time}
2. Dip the flat end of the Hershey Kiss into melted chocolate, or spread chocolate on flat side of Kiss with a butter knife, and top with a bite-size Nutter Butter.
3. Dip the flat end of the mini chocolate chip into the melted chocolate and stick it to the top of the Nutter Butter bite.

These acorns are the perfect treat for your next fall party at home, school, or play date. If you have a child with a peanut allergy, you can always substitute your Nutter Butters with bite-sized Ritz Bitz of Vanilla Wafers.

Chocolate Chip Dip

June 28, 2011 by admin  
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This yummy dip recipe is just what every kid ( and every kid at heart) is sure to love. Serve it up with graham cracker sticks, apple slices, or mini pretzels if you’re in the mood for a little something salty and sweet.

Chocolate Chip Dip Recipe


What You Need:

1 package (8 ounces) cream cheese, softened
1/2 cup butter, softened
3/4 cup confectioners’ sugar
2 tablespoons brown sugar
1 teaspoon vanilla extract
1 cup (6 ounces) miniature semisweet chocolate chips
Graham cracker sticks
Fix it Fast:

In a small bowl, beat cream cheese and butter until light and fluffy. Add the sugars and vanilla; beat until smooth. Stir in chocolate chips. Serve with graham cracker sticks.

Recipe and image from Taste of Home

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