Aerobics can be a great way to stay toned and in shape. Before you start doing aerobics, think about your exercise goals. Are you most interested in weight management, overall fitness, improved endurance, muscle toning, improved posture, general well-being or relieving stress? You will be able to choose different classes based on your goals. Still not sure? Ask an instructor at a local gym for some advice and tips to get you headed in the right direction. When choosing a gym or fitness center, be sure check over the instructors qualifications and look for classes that suit your goals. Sharp Moms likes the idea of asking a friend to join with you for some extra motivation! Once you have signed up for classes, set up a weekly routine. If you miss a class, try to make up for it on a different day of the week.

There are many aerobics classes you can choose from, but you’ll be best able to pick if you’re familiar with the lingo and criteria.

Level of intensity – Classes are generally geared toward begginer, intermediate or advanced exercisers.  If you’re are just starting classes for the first time, don’t jump into an advanced class. Remember, this is a workout, but you want to keep it fun and reach a level of success as wel.

Aerobics is usually classified into two impact categories:

  • High-impact, meaning that both feet regularly lose contact with the floor, as with running, jumping and hopping.
  • Low-impact, meaning that at least one foot retains contact with the floor throughout the workout session.

Beginners should look for a class that is between 30-60 minutes long. As you engage in aerobics over time, you will be able to move up to advanced level, high-impact classes. If you are an avid exerciser, hop into a high-impact, 60 minute class 3-4 times a week.