Children’s Fitness

With childhood obesity rising each year, it is more important now than ever that your child eat well and stay active. We all know that meal times can be very frustrating for parents, especially when your child says “No” to any vegetable placed in front of them. Picky eating is a common trait for most toddlers and children. How do you over come it as a Sharp Mom? Try to supplement during snack times. Many children play with their food during meal times and then find themselves starving for a snack. Do your best to give your child fruits for snacks, like bananas, grapes, or oranges. You can also try yogurt with graham crackers or cheese slices with apples bites. Baked veggie sticks, meat sticks, and peanut butter crackers are also great ways to sneak in a little nutrition to your child’s snack time.

This is the era of technology, cell phones, computers, and video games. Do not let your child fall to these fun, but bad habits at an early age. It is so important for your child to socialize with other children, not only at school, but at home as well. Encourage outdoor play as much as possible. For Sharp Moms with infant to toddler age children, check your local listings for gyms that have “open gyms” with climbing toys that emphasize gross motor development. Many of these gyms for young children also offer classes that you can enroll and take part in on a weekly basis. Make time to walk with a neighbor, swim at your local pool or YMCA, have play-dates at the park and enjoy your child’s playtime as much as they do! Not only will your child benefit, but so will you!