Mental Health

Your mental health is very important to your well being as a mom, single woman, and wife. Can you handle the stresses of your workplace? The nuisances of your child asking for the 1,000 time to color or go outside to play on a rainy day? Can you work productively and get things accomplished? If you answered yes to those questions then you have very good mental health. If you answered no to some of them then your mental health needs improvement. Does this mean you are crazy? No way! It means you need to take a moment to relax and enjoy a moment to yourself. That’s right yourself-time without your children or your BlackBerry blinking with emails and deadlines. Now you are probably left wondering what you can do to improve your mental health. SharpMoms has some suggestions for you.

  1. Spa Getaway: This can be as little or as much as you make out of it. Take time after work for an hour pedicure or massage. Even better invite your best girlfriend to join you on a weekend spa getaway in town or out of town. You can enjoy manicures, pedicures, healthy meals, and gossip all without the worry of Mondays meeting or what time the kids really went to bed the night before.
  2. Yoga/Meditation: This is not for everyone, but many women enjoy yoga classes and meditation time each day. You can block out a small amount of time each day to meditate and relax. SharpMoms likes the idea of utilizing naptime or after bedtime for working moms. Check out your local gyms for yoga classes. While the kids are at school start your day with a yoga class and some relaxation.
  3. Laughter: Isn’t this the best medicine anyway? Go see a funny movie with your significant other. Look back at old pictures when your hair was oh-so-big. Have a lunch or dinner date with your best gal pal and talk about the little things in life.
  4. Gain Financial Well-Being: It is very hard to have mental well-being when your financial well-being is in shambles. Sit down with your significant other or a close family member or friend and take a look over all of your debt and bills. Get organized and talk to a financial adviser. See if you can consolidate your credit debt or reduce the finance rates. A little effort can go a long way!
  5. Eat well and exercise: The right foods can boost your mental health. Having a regular workout routine can also be beneficial. If you don’t feel that you get a balanced diet try to supplement with fruit or vegetable juices or vitamins. Certain foods as well as exercise can give you more energy and help you get through each day.

If you or someone you know suffers from a mental illness such as chronic depression, postpartum depression, dementia, or addictions you should consult a doctor for appropriate diagnosis and recommendations.