Home Decor

What Mom doesn’t want to have the Sharpest house on the block? We know how important a stylish space is to Moms and their families.

Here are Sharp Moms’ Top 5 Easy Decorating Tips:

  1. Color your world – Or at least your room! Jazz up a small bathroom with a vibrant blue. Paint a mural in the playroom. Give your family room a calming effect with blues, greens and neutral tones. For a high-energy, on the go, well traveled family bust out some yellows and oranges to spice up a room. Paint is a great way to bring a dramatic impact to a space for a very low cost. Not sure what colors suit your space? Check out your local home improvement store for a variety of paint brands and colors.
  2. Pop – of color, that is. Think your living room furniture is out of date? Adding some vibrant throw pillows and accents can really update your room without buying a whole new furniture set. Assess your furniture and sense of style, then go from there. Don’t be afraid to try something new and use a color outside of your usual crayon box.
  3. Create different use areas in the room, so that more than one activity can take place at a time. Not only will this give you more family time together, but you will get multiple functions out of one room. Sharp Moms likes the idea of a small computer desk in the living room or in the children’s playroom.
  4. Personalize your space and celebrate who you are as a group. Don’t worry about getting an expensive family portrait taken. Find some of your favorite photos, print them in different sizes, in black and white, buy some nice matted picture frames and voila! Instant family picture collage! Sharp Moms also likes the idea of framing some of you child’s best artwork. It can even serve as the design centerpiece and inspiration for a room makeover!
  5. Don’t forget the simple comforts in life. Cozy up a room with pillows of all shapes and sizes. Accent with some fleece throws. Accent with bowls filled with rocks and candles. Decorate your walls with stenciled quotes about family and love.

Can’t find the perfect color scheme? Sharp Moms suggests these…

  • Jade green and yellow green for a sophisticated look
  • A vibrant yellow with black and white for a modern look
  • Blues with creams and browns for a relaxing look
  • Bright pinks and greens for a crisp, cheery look
  • Reds and creams for a traditional, classic look